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Monday, December 3, 2007

The 1999 Nigerian Constitution Available for Free Download

It is generally accepted that "knowledge is power".

But I believe applied knowledge is more powerful than just having knowledge.

To this end, I am making a link of The 1999 Nigerian Constitution available on this blog.

Please feel free to download and read with an intention of exercising your civic rights as a citizen of the nation of Nigeria.
A "New Nigeria is coming! Are you prepared?


Tipping Point said...

This Blog is interesting because it attempts to address an issue I regard as fundamental to advancing Nigeria's development. I firmly believe that faithful aherance and implementation of the provisions of the 1999 Constitution will solve some of the political and economic challenges facing Nigeria. Putting a copy of the Constitution in the hands of Nigerians and enlightening them on its provisions and their rights is a necessary step for this to happen.

Zubair Abubakar said...

Hello Richard great blog and kudos for providing us with the constitution but unfortunately the constitution is no longer available at the link you placed it...is there any other place one can download it?

thanks and keep up the good work sir,

Richard Oluseyi Asaolu said...

Please find link to The 1999 Nigerian Constitution.


Anonymous said...

You can also download the constitution at www.greenspek.com

Anonymous said...

The link in ur blog is not opening. please where else can I get it. Thanks R

Nigerian Constitution said...

Sure, there is a new link to download the constitution, all for free: Nigerian Constitution
Let's build a better Nigeria, from ground up, knowing our rights, and ensuring they are not breached.

Nigerian Constitution said...

Forgot to post the exact url. Here is it below:
You can either download it or read it online.